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Ditching Desktop For Mobile Platforms

Fedora 27: The Linux Distro People Should Start Considering.

Well as I stated in my prior post, and video people should not settle with just one Operating System, or Platform. Granted don't get me wrong I still hold that opinion, but let me tell you a story that has developed over the last couple of days.

So I installed Window's 8.1 on my machine, and got Fedora 27 with KDE loaded up in a VM. This was the first time I had used KDE in quite a few years to be honest. The last time being around 2012 ish or so, well I was immediately blown away by KDE 5's polish, and even performance. So with that I ran it for about 3 days or so that way. During this time I got my Windows gaming fix out of the way, and was thinking the whole time about my Fedora install on VM.

Well fast forward to present day, I was laying around this morning thinking man I really enjoyed Fedora 26 with Gnome, and the upgrade to 27 in Gnome was rather pleasant. So with that I thought well lets go ahead, and install Fedora 27 KDE on bare metal, and run that for a bit. W…

Should You Settle On One Platform

Recently I decided I didn't want to settle on one platform. So with that I have spent the last couple of days migrating Linux, and FreeBSD to Virtual Machine. This allows me to use Windows as a gaming solution which my Alienware Alpha does very well. All while allowing me to still have the power of Linux, and FreeBSD. Enjoy the video.

Dota 2: A Top Strategy Game For Linux.

Intro: With the Dueling Fates update released for Dota 2 not long ago, I decided I wanted to give an honest look at Dota 2. Honestly I am a casual Dota player at the best, with only currently only 35 hours logged in Steam play time. With that said I can't believe I haven't been playing this game more than I have. Dota 2 has quickly become one of my favorite games to play, and I just don't want to stop playing it to be honest. Personally I think it will become one of my most played games on Steam, and Linux in general.
What is Dota 2: In Dota 2 while the learning curve can be steep for new players entering the game, the objective is simple. Basically you're goal is to defend your towers, while helping the team and creeps push forward to destroy the enemy towers. Once you have pushed the lanes forward, and destroyed the towers in the three lanes. Then you must push into the enemy base to destroy there base defenses, and ultimately the enemy teams Ancient. One of the fir…

Firefox Quantum, Impressions of Mozilla's New Browser

Firefox Quantum(57) is Mozilla's new browser, honestly I was blown away by the browser, its speed, and less memory usage. With that being said will I be moving away from Chrome as my default browser? Most likely not to be honest, personally I like how Chrome fits into my life, and how it flows for the things that I do in the browser with my Blog, Youtube, and other things I do inside a web browser. With all that being said I fell like Firefox Quantum is here to stay, and I highly recommend it as a primary browser for anyone looking for an alternative. Personally I will keep it around as a secondary browser for my system.

You can Download the new Firefox Here

Below is a video that I made, basically my impressions of Mozilla's new browser, and what I like about it.

Fedora 26: A Late Review, and the Switch.

So after several distro hops, I finally settled on a Linux Distro that I honestly hadn't looked at in many years. Finally realizing that Ubuntu, and Debian based distro's were just not working in the flow that I needed. That's what lead me to Fedora, and more specifically Fedora 26. Honestly I found the interface of Gnome 3, and the ability to switch from Gnome to Gnome Classic the functionality that I was looking for. So what lead me to this you ask? Well it started with me being unsatisfied with the direction of Debian, Ubuntu, and other distro's of the apt variety. So after keeping quiet, and eyeballing Fedora 26 for almost a Month I made the jump. With that I can honestly say I am glad I did, and finally finding a distro that I could settle with in 2017. With all that being said, I want to highlight some of the things that in my opinion, that sets Fedora apart from other distro's.

1. Fedora takes risk's, and innovate 2. Red Hat test bed, and infrastructure …