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Dota 2: A Top Strategy Game For Linux.

Intro: With the Dueling Fates update released for Dota 2 not long ago, I decided I wanted to give an honest look at Dota 2. Honestly I am a casual Dota player at the best, with only currently only 35 hours logged in Steam play time. With that said I can't believe I haven't been playing this game more than I have. Dota 2 has quickly become one of my favorite games to play, and I just don't want to stop playing it to be honest. Personally I think it will become one of my most played games on Steam, and Linux in general.
What is Dota 2: In Dota 2 while the learning curve can be steep for new players entering the game, the objective is simple. Basically you're goal is to defend your towers, while helping the team and creeps push forward to destroy the enemy towers. Once you have pushed the lanes forward, and destroyed the towers in the three lanes. Then you must push into the enemy base to destroy there base defenses, and ultimately the enemy teams Ancient. One of the fir…

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